Cakephp 2.x User Management Premium Plugin Version 2.3

All Features

Premium Version 1.0

  1. Clean code with formatting
  2. Login
  3. Registration
  4. Cookie login/ Remember me functionality
  5. Add/Edit/Delete User By Admin
  6. Add/Edit/Delete Group By Admin
  7. Change Password
  8. Forgot Password
  9. Change User Password by Admin
  10. List of all Users
  11. List of all Groups
  12. Manage site Permissions using Ajax updation, Permission caching functionality for fast checking
  13. User's Email Verification
  14. User Profile View
  15. User activation by Admin
  16. Routing long urls to small urls
  17. Login with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Four Square, Gmail, Yahoo.
  18. Plugin takes the image from facebook, linkedin, twitter and updates as profile image
  19. If a user sign in with facebook etc for the first time then plugin automatically register him/her, If a user is already registered with same email then plugin will associate old account with facebook etc. So there will be no duplicacy.
  20. All Configurations are database driven.
  21. View Online users and guest
  22. Admin can sign out any user at any time and Admin also can inactive that user so that user cannot sign in again
  23. Deleting cakephp cache in a single click on production
  24. Captcha support in registration form
  25. CSRF/XSS protection
  26. Nice pagination for list
  27. SSL support for selected pages or whole site
  28. Profile view with nice design
  29. password are salted with hash
  30. Cross broswer CSS opimized code
  31. Strict form validations
  32. Allow/Disallow deletion of user account
  33. If admin deletes user account then user will automatically sign out(if signed in)
  34. Image resize helper: using this you can resize image or can crop with desired size

Premium Version 1.1 (added features)

  1. Cake CSS removed now umstyle.css contains plugin css. You can use cake generic css with this plugin if you want.
  2. Ajax Form Validations
  3. Ajax Form Validations with File/Image (Hope you will like it)
  4. Ajax Pagination
  5. Ajax Sorting on all List pages
  6. Ajax Search/Filter Options on List Pages
  7. Ajax Suggestion/Autocomplete on Search/Filter text boxes
  8. User Activation/Deactivation by Ajax
  9. User Deletion by Ajax
  10. User Email Verification by Ajax
  11. Image Validation with allow Empty (Hope you will like it)
  12. Preserve pagination number after user View/Edit/Change User Password
  13. Assign user to multiple groups By Admin
  14. $var is avilable in all views. It contains looged in user information you can print it in any view file to see what's inside it.

Premium Version 2.0 (added features)

  1. You can use Username after domain name for profile or anypage, like facebook click here. For this plugin click here. Strong username validation added. Now user cannot take username like your controller name, your custom route name for e.g. 'login' etc.
  2. Browser Cache control. Some time you made any change in CSS or JS file and your users do not see changes due to browser cache.
  3. Remember me cookie name is now configurable. This will help for your multiple projects with same plugin code. And also helpful for disable user's browser cookie if needed.
  4. Ajax login redirect. If user session is timed out and needs to login again. Now it works on ajax call too.
  5. Clear button is added on search form for clearing all filter conditions.
  6. Now all social login window will open in new pop up window. Before It was not in twitter and foursquare. Popup window is now auto resizeable.
  7. Image resize helper modified. Now it can resize all images inside webroot. Before It was restricted to img folder.
  8. Blackhole error message now handled. Black hole request is due to Cakephp security component. If some one tries to use form tampering then cakephp security component throws Black hole exception. Now it is handled by callback function.

Premium Version 2.1 (added features)

  1. A small CMS added to generate static pages, you can add/edit/delete/view pages with rich text editor.
  2. Send Email to users from ALL USERS page.
  3. Send Email to registered users and other email addresses.
  4. To Email suggestions like Gmail.
  5. You can send Emailer(HTML template) to registered users and other Email addresses.
  6. Common login element added, you can put it anywhere on site.
  7. Contact Enquery Form element(You can put contact enquiry from any where on the site).
  8. All contact Enqueries will be saved in database, Admin can reply to any.
  9. Storing IP address of user on registration and updating IP address on Editing profile by Existing User.
  10. Input text placeholder support added for not supportable browsers, also ajax validations will take care of placeholder values.
  11. Ajax validation added on login form also placeholder added for demonstration of Input text placeholder
  12. ALL user-interface messages are with the __() function to allow translations(i18n Localizations) of it.
  13. Some bug fixes-username validations, and some other security change.

Premium Version 2.2 (added features)

  1. Twitter Bootstrap framework added
  2. Improved Mailer system
  3. Now Admin can send mails to any or multiple group users, selected users and manual emails
  4. Email templates support for header and footer of email
  5. Email signature support email
  6. Ckeditor helper added for Ckeditor Rich text area
  7. All Filter search form improved with multiple search
  8. Cakephp flash message css added for success, error, info and warning
  9. Flash message added on ajax validations errors, also submit button will be disabled during ajax validations
  10. Jquery Chosen added for nice multiple select boxes
  11. Sub Group support added.
  12. Permission Chart added for quick permissions with function comment description
  13. Now we can show link based on permission
  14. Date picker added using Jquery UI, also latest Jquery version added
  15. Recaptha added into contacts form
  16. Dashboard menus are now drop down menus with resposive support. On low width devices menu bar will convert into select drop down.

Premium Version 2.3 (added features)

  1. Twitter Api updated for 1.1 version
  2. Cache of all settings
  3. Improved search filter form on index pages
  4. Removed hard coded short URLs
  5. Now we are fetching linkedin user's email from LinkedIn Api
  6. In email code 'default' config added, you may change it in email.php file for other mail transport.
  7. Category added for settings in All admin settings page
  8. Tinymce Helper updated for latest Tinymce 4.x version
  9. Improved performance by adding public $recursive = -1; and public $actsAs = array('Containable');, some other bug fixes
  10. Login attacks protected by recaptcha
  11. Cake log View/Edit/Delete/Backup
  12. Login remember me is now configureable by admin setting
  13. We can display last login time to user, UserAuth helper has a function for this.
  14. Pagination limit drop down added on search form for index pages
  15. Bootstrap Action drop down, Datepicker, Auto suggestion, Footer added
  16. Multiple login of same account allow/disallow
  17. Recaptha added on forgot password page, email verification page, Of course these settings are in admin
  18. Add multiple users at once by CSV file

Premium Version 2.3.1 (added features)

  1. Email contents moved to view templates.
  2. Latest Facebook api updated in vendor directory
  3. Close button added on flash messages
  4. Ajax validation & umsricpt js files modified

Premium Version 2.3.2 (added features)

  1. Some small changes

Premium Version 2.3.3 (added features)

  1. Google login open id code removed
  2. Google login api code added

Premium Version 2.3.4 (added features)

  1. Recaptcha New library code added
  2. On Ajax call update browser url
  3. Few bug fixes

Premium Version 2.3.5 (added features)

  1. On delete cache user activities table will be emptied
  2. Recaptcha library code updated
  3. Few bug fixes