Cakephp 2.x User Management Premium Plugin Version 2.1

Must Know Necessary Things

You must follow the necessary things for better use of this plugin-

  1. App Controller (yourapp/app/Controller/AppController.php)
    • This controller must use 'Form', 'Html', 'Session', 'Js', 'Usermgmt.UserAuth', 'Usermgmt.Image' helpers.
    • This controller must use 'Session','RequestHandler', 'Usermgmt.UserAuth' components.
    • This controller must have 'userAuth' private function.
    • This controller must have 'beforeFilter' function and should call 'userAuth' from inside it.
    • Plugin already has Security feature. If you want use security on rest of the pages of site you should use 'Security' component in this controller.
  2. Bootstrap (yourapp/app/Config/bootstrap.php)
      • This file is used for loading plugins.
      • Please load User Management Plugin in this file
    CakePlugin::loadAll(array('Usermgmt' => array('routes' => true, 'bootstrap' => true)));
    • Please note in above syntax 'routes' => true, 'bootstrap' => true must present.
  3. beforeFilter (a function in any controller)
    • If you use this function in your controller you must have parent::beforeFilter(); as a first line in this function.
    • If you do not use parent::beforeFilter(); in this function this can break authentication functionality of your site.
    • Basically authentication is controlled from beforeFilter function of App Controller. If you use beforeFilter function in other controller this means you are overriding this function, In this case App Controller beforeFilter function will not execute. For avoiding this you should use parent::beforeFilter(); in any overrided beforeFilter function.
  4. Plugin CSS
    • You must include plugin css in your default layout(yourapp/app/View/Layouts/default.ctp)
    • echo $this->Html->css('/usermgmt/css/umstyle');
  5. Image Folder
    • By default profile photos folder name is umphotos (yourapp/app/webroot/img/umphotos)
    • This folder must have write permissions for e.g. 777 permissions
    • Also img folder (yourapp/app/webroot/img) should have write permissions for e.g. 777 permissions
  6. Google and Yahoo Authentication
    • If google and yahoo authentication are not working on your website please contact me at